Famous Diamond Ring Mines in the World

There are more than twenty diamond mines in the world, which produces more than a million carat diamonds every year.

The first country to mine natural diamonds was India. In fact, the mines in India were the only legit source of real diamonds until the year 1730. The south-central city of Golconda, which is currently known as Hyderabad, was the first producer of rough diamonds in India. The purity and transparency of these diamonds urged jewelers to make natural diamond rings by using them.

Today, the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia is the largest single producer of real diamonds. However, a natural diamond mined in this mine is not suitable for making a natural diamond engagement ring because it does not meet the required gem quality.


Another major diamond producing country in the world is the Republic of Botswana. There are four major diamond mines in Botswana, namely Jwaneng, Damtshaa, Lethlhakane, and Orapa. The natural diamonds mined in these mines are used for making diamond rings and other pieces of jewelry.

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