Famous Celebrities with Halo Diamond Rings

The immense popularity of halo diamond rings has even caused a number of famous celebrities to choose them over other engagement ring options.

The engagement ring worn by jewelry designer and style icon, Nicole Richie, is a halo style diamond ring. The vintage octagonal diamond ring worn by the actress contains a round brilliant center diamond, which is elegantly set in a halo with eight sides. The bold geometric angles of this stunning halo style diamond rings remind us about the exuberance of Art Deco jewelry pieces.

The diamond engagement ring that Jason Sudeikis gifted partner Olivia Wilde was a unique halo style diamond ring. This ring contained an elegantly designed halo of emeralds. The vibrant green color tones of this halo style diamond ring beautifully contrast with the round center diamond, which is set in yellow gold.

Unsurprisingly, the diamond engagement ring that David Otunga gifted to Jennifer Hudson was also a double halo engagement ring that came with split pave band.

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