Facts That you Do Not Know about Canary Diamond Wedding Rings

Most of the celebrities have been spotted flaunting canary diamond wedding rings on the red carpet. Still, there are many facts that you might not know about canary yellow diamond rings.




The Eureka Diamond

The first canary yellow diamond was discovered in 1867. In fact, this was the first-ever gemstone found in South Africa. Actually, the discoverer of this amazing gemstone is a teenager, who found this yellow stone in his yard. He gave it to his mom and later to their neighbor since they had no idea regarding its worth. The rock traveled all over Europe and landed at De Beers in 1967. The company named the stone “Eureka diamond”.

The Secret of Yellow Color

The deep yellow color of canary diamonds is because of the presence of nitrogen atoms in it. It is also devoid of the inclusions such as red, brown, and green colors, which are usually seen in other fancy colored diamonds. Note that the price of your canary diamond wedding rings can go up with the intensity of its yellow color.

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