Everything you Need to Know about Love Knot Diamond Ring Designs

Note that engagement rings are regarded as the symbol of your relationship with your partner. So one of the best designs that you may consider in this case is knot diamond rings.




There are different types of knot diamonds available in the market today, such as trinity knots, infinity knots, love knots, etc. When it comes to your engagement ring, a love knot diamond ring will be the best option to express your love and commitment towards your partner. This type of diamond symbolizes eternal love since there is no particular beginning or end for these designs.

Apart from the symbolism, the overall appeal also plays a major role in its popularity. The unique setting of love knot designs boasts a symmetrical pattern that allows the diamond ring bands to continue throughout its circumference without any break. This stands for the solidification of steadfastness and permanence in the relationship between you and your partner.


Love knot diamond ring designs are actually inspired by ancient Greek jewelry designs, Celtic artworks, and ancient Egyptian carved sculptures. In olden days, lovers used to tie tree limb into love knot shapes and it was allowed to grow for three years. It is believed that their love will be eternal if the knot remained as such even after that time.

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