What are the Trendiest Eternity Rings Diamond Shapes?

The most common shape for eternity rings diamond is the round brilliant cut diamonds, which is the most popular shape so far. This shape houses 57 or 58 unique facets that yield a maximum brilliance and fire. Hence, eternity bands with round brilliant diamonds are regarded as the classic choice that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Another common eternity rings diamond shape used is princess cut diamonds. The main advantage of choosing this shape is that they can be placed so tightly that there will be no gaps between the gemstones, which make the ring look like a seamless sparkling band around your finger. This diamond shape is perfect for you if you are in awe of contemporary designs that are timeless.

Baguette diamonds are also seen in eternity diamond rings. These diamonds are commonly given in an alternate pattern with princess diamonds on the eternity bands in order to offer an extravagant look. Baguette diamonds are also the best option if you prefer vintage designs.

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