Estate Diamond Rings vs. Vintage Rings and Antique Rings

Estate diamond jewelry can be considered as vintage or antique. Some of the important details on estate diamond rings, antique ring, and vintage rings are given below.

Estate Diamond Rings

Most people think that estate rings are either antique or vintage, which is a misconception. Estate diamond ring is any diamond ring that is used or not a brand new one, regardless of the fact whether it is antique, vintage, or just a week old.

Vintage Diamond Ring

Vintage diamond rings are the ones that are at least a decade older; such as a diamond ring from the 90’s or before. This is one of the most common terms used in diamond engagement rings, as it comprises of many periods.

Antique Diamond Ring

The diamond rings that are 100 years old or more are considered as antique diamond rings. The diamond rings that are made during 1920’s are now considered an antique. However, make sure that the ring is labeled as antique by an authentic or reliable dealer while choosing antique diamond rings.

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