Enviable Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

Enviable Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

Some of the most beautiful diamond ring designs that suit almost any bride are given below.

Channel Set Diamond Ring

This design is perfect for the bride that leads an active lifestyle because it does not snag on clothes or other fabrics. One of the most popular diamond ring designs for a channel set diamond ring flaunts a cushion cut diamond at the center of an 18k rose gold band. Additionally, the band is beautified using channel set accent diamonds.

Baguette Diamond Ring

Baguettes are elongated stones that feature step-cut design, and 14 facets. Hence, such diamond engagement ring designs are perfect for those who prefer a subtle sparkle and an edgy appeal. In one of the trendy designs, a baguette of respectable size is showcased at the center of a platinum ring. Furthermore, the diamond ring band is embellished with tiny baguette accents.

Floral Diamond Ring

It is the dream of almost every woman to be able to show off a floral diamond ring on her engagement day. Most such designs have a metal setting that replicates a flower, exhibited at the center of a 22k yellow gold ring. Additionally, a cluster of melee diamonds is encrusted on the flower structure.

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