Different Types of Platinum Diamond Ring Setting to Rely on

Fortunately, there are many platinum diamond ring settings, which you can consider to design your engagement rings. Some of the famous diamond ring settings are given below.

Halo Setting

Halo is the popular diamond ring setting so far. In one of the popular platinum diamond ring designs, a French cut cushion diamond is flaunted at the center of a platinum ring. Additionally, a halo of melee diamonds is given around the main gemstone in order to take the overall bling factor to the next level.

Tension Diamond Ring

In this design, a round diamond of medium size is showcased at the center of a platinum ring. Here, the main gemstone is held in place by means of a tension setting. In order to boost up the overall sparkle of the ring, the diamond ring band is also channeled with melee diamonds.

Filigree Diamond Ring

This type of diamond ring design is ideal for all those couples who want an antique appeal for their engagement ring. Here, a solitaire is secured at the center of a platinum ring by means of a bezel setting. Additionally, the diamond ring band is embellished with intricate filigree detailing and accent stones.

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