Different Types of Diamond Celtic Wedding Rings

Different Types of Diamond Celtic Wedding Rings

Hence, it is often used to represent eternal relationships and characteristics such as friendship, love, loyalty, faith, etc. This simple thread is interlocked in different patterns display the connection between life and eternity. Some of the popular Celtic knot diamond ring patterns are given below.



Knotwork Interlace

The trinity knot designs and lover’s knot designs are the common examples of knotwork interlace patterns. This type of diamond wedding ring is considered in order to symbolize the interconnection of your life and your place in the universe.

Celtic Spiral Patterns

Celtic spirals are one of the trendiest and stylish diamond wedding ring designs when it comes to Celtic knot designs. As the name indicates, the center of attraction in this diamond ring design will be the interconnected spiral pattern. This type of pattern represents the inner spirit of the wearer and their accomplishments in life.


Step Patterns

The step pattern in a Celtic knot diamond represents the accomplishments and progressions in the life of a person. Alternately, these step knot patterns symbolize the relationship between the realms of the Earth and Heaven.

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