Different Styles of Vintage Diamond Rings

Vintage diamond rings are quite popular nowadays and many prefer it to gift to their fiancée or loved ones. These rings are cherished by many jewelers due to their value and the use of old settings, which are currently in high demand. Vintage diamond engagement rings are generally aged more than 50 years and are usually obtained by passing down from generations after usage. It bears the remarkable styles and designs prevalent in those times that makes this diamond rings more valuable. In fact, there are three main styles of vintage diamond rings inspired by their period of making.

Georgian Period Engagement Rings – These diamond rings were made during the reign of a succession of King George in England from 1714 to 1837. Georgian period rings are some of the unique designs with fine craftsmanship that is difficult to find in modern ring settings. It features designs heavily inspired by nature and has an elegant appeal.

Victorian Period Engagement Rings – Vintage diamond rings are usually from the Victorian period of 1835 to 1900. They are mostly made of rose gold or yellow and are known for their simple design. A prominent feature of Victorian rings is its settings that contain several rows of diamond with a mine cut.

Edwardian Period Engagement Rings – The Edwardian period rings had its distinguishing trademark of exceptional craftsmanship. Diamonds and platinum were the main elements used in Edwardian styled rings. The setting featured extensive details and works with the central stones mainly being rose cut diamonds.

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