Different Cuts for Diamond Rings to Make Them Pop

You can make your engagement charm unique and inimitable by choosing various diamond cuts. Some of the different cuts for diamond rings commonly used in a diamond engagement ring are given below.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Even though there are different cuts for diamond rings, round brilliant cut is the most popular and lustrous one. This cut features 58 facets on the gemstone making it sparkle like anything. So, you can be flexible while dealing with the 4 C’s in a diamond engagement ring with round brilliant cut center stone.


Princess Cut Diamond

As the name indicates, this type of diamond ring cut is mainly used in a diamond engagement ring for women. The main highlight in this cut is the distinct colors that are emitted from this gemstone at various corners. Note that princess cut diamonds are available in both rectangular and square shapes.

Marquise Cut Diamond

A marquise cut diamond is ideal for every couple who prefer to emphasize the center stone by increasing its carat weight. This cut features a unique shape that is rounded at sides and sharpened towards the top and bottom edges.

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