Different Colored Metals and How They Go with Diamonds

Different Colored Metals and How They Go with Diamonds

This is also true for other metals used in jewelry, which is why there is a raging market for each, based on the type of ring different consumers prefer.




Non-Halo Rings: When it comes to yellow or rose gold, diamonds set in them take on some of the colors of the metal. Even ‘D’ to ‘F’ stones can look a couple of color grades lower because of this. However, there is a nice frame created for the stone, which means the diamond will be more brilliant and will have a shine.

Halo Rings: When creating a 2-carat diamond halo ring with yellow or rose gold, you normally want the stone looking larger than it is, but it rarely works out that way. White gold is a much smarter choice of metal in such instances because it can render the illusion of the stone is more of a focal point than it actually is.

For a delicate and uniform look though, yellow or rose gold are your best options. The metal color is more pronounced in the center metal when there is a halo of smaller gems around it.

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