An Overview of Semi Mount Diamond Rings

It differs from most other customizable rings, as it can provide the buyer the ability to decide on the setting as well. It is a good option for those who already have a loose diamond and are looking for a suitable ring design to accommodate the stone.

In a diamond semi mount engagement ring, the stone contains the various parts of the setting and the accents. One simply needs to select the stone for fixing on the ring to complete the design. The partially constructed design of diamond semi mount rings allows customizing it with stones of different shapes and sizes. Opting for a semi mount diamond ring has numerous benefits. It allows more independence in choosing the required stone with the right cut and carat weight to fix on the ring.

It provides the option of purchasing a diamond that matches perfectly well with the color of the ring band. A semi mount ring comes in quality ring metals of different types allowing the buyer greater flexibility in choosing a diamond that matches perfectly. It takes the buyer away from the constraints of an ordinary ring and provides with more options for customization.

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