Diamond Ring for Wedding That Every Classy Bride Swears By

Diamond Ring for Wedding That Every Classy Bride Swears By

Below are some of the extraordinary designs for a diamond ring for a wedding that every traditional bride desires for.

Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring

Even though a solitaire diamond ring features a classic elegance, it also works great with a modern look as well. In this design for wedding diamond rings, a round brilliant cut diamond of respectable size is flaunted at the center of a 22k yellow gold ring. Additionally, the band of the diamond ring for a wedding is kept simple and thin in order to highlight the main gemstone.


Three Stone Diamond Ring

A three stone diamond ring is the best way to get a great bling for your bucks. In this type of wedding diamond rings, a center diamond is flanked with two gemstones of comparatively smaller size on either side. If you prefer more brilliance and fire in your ring, you can pave diamonds on the band as well.

Halo Diamond Ring

In a halo diamond ring for wedding, the main gemstone will be surrounded with a halo of melee diamonds in order to create an impact of a huge single solitaire. This type of diamond rings will be suitable for all the brides who prefer a vintage appeal in their sparklers.

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