Things you May Not Know about Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

It is a fact that most of the halo diamond engagement rings available in the market look stunning and they have the unique ability to enhance the beauty of the center diamond. However, these are just a couple of reasons why they are immensely popular among brides.

In simple words, a halo diamond engagement ring can be defined as a ring featuring smaller diamonds. It is crucial to note that these smaller diamond rings encircle the center stone in these types of diamond rings. Jewelers and diamond merchants use the word ‘halo’ because the center stone of diamond halo engagement rings resembles a ‘halo’ in appearance.

It is true that most of the halo settings that you can see in the market have a big diamond as the center stone. However, halo ring setting can also be set with a wide variety of other gems such as jade, ruby, sapphire, etc. Another interesting thing is that the halo setting or style can be used with a number of diamond ring cuts including pear cut, cushion cut, old mine cut, and round cut.

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