The Basics of a Baguette Diamond Ring

Baguette diamond rings are among the trendiest step-cut types in gems and jewelry, other than the Asscher and Emerald cuts. Such diamond cuts have elongated, open tables and generally feature cropped edges. When baguette is used as diamond accents on other center stones featuring step-cut, the appeal will be similar to a jewelry style known as Art Deco.

Art Deco diamond style harkens back to the early 20th Century and became desirable prior to the prominence of round brilliant cut. Diamonds featuring fancy-cut have been trending of late in the gems and jewelry segment, in particular for couples who desire some amount of uniqueness in their engagement ring.

If you are planning to purchase diamond baguette engagement rings, it is important to look into the clarity grades or the 4 C’s of a diamond. The facet design patterns of baguette diamonds would mean that blemishes, as well as inclusions, might be more visible to the naked eye when compared to princess or round-cut diamonds.

Jewelers with a strong reputation would be sincere with buyers regarding if the blemishes of the diamond may affect the overall brilliance of the ring. Since a baguette diamond is often set as side stone of the ring, most of the flaws of diamond baguette engagement rings won’t be easily noticeable.

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