Design Ideas for Flower Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Design Ideas for Flower Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are one such floral pattern lover, given below are some designs for floral engagement rings you can go for.


 Filigree Engagement Rings

In filigree engagement rings, delicate filigree scroll works are provided for intricate flowering vine highlights with one or more colored gemstone blooms.



Art Deco Engagement Rings

Inspired by the Art Deco era, this style of flower shaped diamond engagement ring features interconnected metal and colored gemstones used to create floral designs.

Celtic Engagement Rings

In Celtic engagement rings, Celtic ring patterns that include graphical representations with symmetrical Celtic knots are woven for mimicking flowers, vines, and leaves.

Engraved Engagement Rings

To get a flower-shaped diamond engagement ring, engraving it with small blooms of flower in a wide band will be a good choice. Here, you can customize the rings as per your liking.

Floral Designs

There are even more ideas for rings with floral designs; a basic daisy style features a central bud that is surrounded by petals, another design features a tulip flower design holding a single colored radiant gem. For antique looks, you can go for a ring featuring a rose molded from the metal band with a beautiful gemstone in the center.

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