D-Shaped Wedding Rings

You have probably laid eyes on D-shaped wedding rings at jewelers before. These are also called low dome wedding rings. The style is seen in many plain wedding rings, and is one that gives the ring a slightly rounded appearance. The ring itself is quite thin, but holds an outer curve distinctive to the D-shaped profile.

How They are Comfortable

Low dome diamond-less bands mostly have flat inner surfaces, which give them a “D” shaped cross section. Courted versions of this style additionally have a comfort fit inside the band, making these rings good for long-term wear. Meanwhile, the outer surface of D diamond rings retains a sizeable dome.

Alternative Styles under This

Every D shaped wedding style brings three variants, based on the choice of depth. These include heavy, medium, and light domes. As long as the depth remains minimal, the price of the ring stays low. This is one of the reasons, why lightweight wedding rings cost less.

For buyers, it is wise to beware the term ‘super-heavy-weight’, which many high street jewelry stores use to describe what are actually medium weight rings. No matter the width or finger size, make sure to check how many grams your final ring weighs, so that you can avoid being duped.

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