Crucial Things to Look for When Purchasing Loose Diamonds

A loose stone is a great option if you are looking for something more beautiful for your engagement ring. The carat weight is one important aspect that determines the mass of a diamond and it’s pricing. You can get a diamond at the prices that you desire by selecting one with the right carat weight.

While choosing loose diamond engagement rings, you need to compare it with other diamonds of the same clarity, color, and carat. This would help you to find out the cut quality of the diamond, which is important if you wish to have a quality stone for your engagement ring. Most jewelers use artificial lighting to illumine the diamonds and enhance its reflectivity. This can be slightly deceiving to the eye as it can alter the appearance and reflectivity of the entire diamond.

In such cases, it is better you ask the jeweler to view the diamond under natural light. This will give you a better understanding of the reflectivity, brilliance, and any underlying flaws in the diamond. Above all, you should ask for the necessary certification that comes with the diamond such as from GIA. This will give you accurate information about the properties of the diamond and ensure that you are purchasing an authentic one.

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