Commonly Used Diamond Accent Rings

Additionally, it will also contribute to highlight the main gemstone and to enhance the overall appeal of a ring.

There are many designs and setting available for diamond accent rings. For instance, consider a halo setting, which is one of the most popular choices in the line of diamond engagement rings. In this type of diamond accent rings, a halo of melee diamonds is given around the center diamond in a ring in order to make it look bigger. Here, you can use colored accents as well in order to highlight the main gemstone. Furthermore, these diamonds will also offer an extra protection to the center stone.

Another perfect example of a diamond ring with accents is a three stone diamond ring setting. Here, a center diamond of respectable size is flanked with accent diamonds of similar or relatively smaller size on either side as well. This type of diamond accent rings is ideal for those who want to make the center stone of their ring look bigger than its actual carat size. In case you want to accentuate the center diamond, you may use colored accents as well.

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