Colored Diamond Engagement Ring Meanings

Colored Diamond Engagement Ring Meanings

Most people opt for colored diamond rings these days in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is not just because of the stunning appeal that these colored diamonds offer, but also because of their symbolism. That is, colored diamond engagement rings meaning is ideal to represent the personality of different people. Some of the commonly used colored diamond and their symbolism are given below.

Red Diamond

Red diamond is one of the most alluring colors for a diamond engagement ring that any bride would yearn for. A red diamond ring will be perfect to denote the intense things such as loyalty, passion, happiness, excitement, energy, love desire, ferociousness, strength, power, etc.

Pink Diamond

This is one of the rarest colored diamond varieties and will be perfect for a calm and simple person. Some of the characteristics represented by the pink color include love, tenderness, calmness, caring, romance, acceptance, etc.

Blue Diamonds

Another common colored diamond options that are sure to enchant each and every person is the blue diamond rings. The blue color depicts a number of characteristics such as tranquility, calmness, stability, trust, security, cleanliness, loyalty, etc. When it comes to dark blue color, the indications are knowledge, seriousness, mystery, power, and integrity.

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