Celebrity Children to Have Recieved Expensive Jewelry at Birth

Celebrity Children to Have Recieved Expensive Jewelry at Birth

It is true that celebrities spend big on jewelry for their loved ones. We have seen countless examples of rich and famous couples exchanging diamond engagement rings as a ceremonial tradition. The same goes for gemstone rings of a celebrity child.

These are some of the examples of celebrities, who gave precious bling for their newborns. While some are lucky to be bestowed upon with an expensive ring or jewelry when they are born, others have to wait until the puberty or teenage to get their hands on a precious diamond ring from their celebrity parents.


When Beyoncé the singer gave birth to Blue Ivy, Jay-Z gave her a cocktail ring to honor the new member in their family. The ring, which is worth around $35,000, features blue tanzanite surrounded by a halo of similar blue gemstones. Tanzanite gemstone rings are considered a rare alternative to sapphire blue rings.

Jennifer Lopez

When JLO gave birth to her twin kids, Marc Anthony gifted a ring featuring canary yellow diamond and earrings inscribed with the initials of their children. The fancy intense yellow diamond ring is worth more than two million dollars. The gemstone is one amongst rarest of rare colored diamonds out there.

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