Captivating Designs for a Peacock Diamond Ring

For instance, consider the designs such as a butterfly, blooming flower, sunburst, etc. Similarly, one of the most beautiful and incredible options to make your diamond engagement ring charming and elegant is by choosing a peacock design.

It is guaranteed that no one can ever resist the ultimate charisma of a peacock diamond ring. Hence, you can draw the attention of each and every person directly towards your sparkler using this unique diamond ring design. There are also many outstanding designs to style a peacock diamond ring.

One of the most beautiful parts of a peacock is its feather, and so, it will be ideal to go for a peacock feather ring. In this design, a peacock open feather pattern is given on a 22k yellow diamond ring and it is embellished using vivid blue and green diamonds in order to replicate a beautiful dancing peacock.

Apart from this, a white peacock diamond ring will be suitable to achieve a distinct appeal. Here, an 18k yellow gold ring is beautified by giving a peacock feather design in a swirl pattern. The entire peacock design is also enhanced using melee diamonds in order to take the overall sparkle of the ring to another level. Additionally, the eyes of the peacock are highlighted using small black diamonds.

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