Buying Wholesale Diamond Engagement Ring

Apart from the ton of research that awaits you in the area of diamonds, assuming you have not done it already, you would need to make a variety of choices based on myriad factors, and one of those choices would be whether to buy a diamond ring from a wholesaler or a retailer.


No one needs to be told that an item sold at a wholesale price would cost significantly less than if it were bought from a retailer. However, that is not the only difference between the two. A wholesale transaction is defined as a non-taxable purchase of any goods in bulk, intended for eventual resale. A retail sale, on the other hand, is a transaction that is subject to tax, and one that is made to an end-user otherwise called the consumer.

The people involved in these transaction types are called wholesalers and  retailers, respectively. The former is able to acquire the goods for a lower price, owing to the fact that they deal directly with the manufacturer, who sells these goods directly to them. A retailer is only indirectly linked to the manufacturer and has to watch many things such as sales tax, advertising, employee salaries, etc.

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