Selecting a Brilliant Diamond for an Engagement Ring

When choosing a brilliant diamond ring, you should consider several aspects of the stone to make sure that it complements perfectly with the ring. Firstly, it is important to consider what kind of setting and metal you intend to use for the ring. Choosing the right setting and metal can clearly highlight the brilliant diamond on the ring and increases its appeal.

You must know about the sparkle of a brilliant diamond as it exhibits certain visual properties like hearts and arrows. This determines how well your brilliant cut diamond sparkle when fixed on a ring setting. It is best to evaluate this pattern of sparkling with a jeweler or gemologist. You can opt for brilliant diamonds having good symmetry and uniformity of the hearts and arrows for getting the best sparkle.

Besides, like all other diamonds, it is important that you consider the cut quality when choosing a brilliant diamonds engagement ring. It is advised to go for a good cut quality to ensure the finish and appearance of the stone when set on a ring. The size is yet another priority that can determine the worth of your ring. It is recommended to opt for a medium size because brilliant cuts with larger proportions have more wastage when cutting.

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