Best Ways to Customize your Trilogy Diamond Rings

Trilogy diamond engagement rings contain three diamonds or gemstones laid on the ring setting. The use of three stones has a deeper symbolic meaning as it is associated with the past, present, and future of the relationship. If you choose trilogy diamond rings from a jeweler, there are different ways to customize it so that you can give a personalized appearance to the ring. By mixing diamonds and colored gemstones, you can give a completely different meaning to the ring.

Flanking the center diamond by two colored gemstones can spice up the appeal of the ring. You can choose among different gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, or emerald to use in your trilogy ring for giving it a signature touch. Different diamond cuts will also go well with trilogy diamonds rings and decide on a combination can give a unique ring. For instance, you can combine an oval cut diamond with rectangular shaped accents.

Cuts like pear cuts, when mixed with tapered baguettes, complements well with each other and elevates the appearance of the ring. In trilogy diamond engagement rings, you can also choose the sizes of the stones with respect to each other. Mostly, the center diamond is larger with the two accents of smaller and equal size. However, you can stay clear from such popular designs and adopt diamonds and accents that are equal or ascending in size.

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