Best Settings for a Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

A prong setting is ideal for a marquise cut diamond ring because it offers greater reflectivity and makes the diamond more visible. Moreover, they are also much easier to clean and maintain due to its minimal design.



Prong settings are available in different variations such as 4, 6, or 8 prongs. The higher the prongs, the more the diamond remains secured on the ring. These settings with their V-tipped prongs also prevent the tips of a marquise diamond from chipping.

Bezel settings are another popular marquise diamonds ring settings. The advantages of bezel settings are that the metal encircles the ring and completely protects the center stone. Bezel settings also give the ring a more classical appeal giving you a timeless look when wearing. It secures the ring firmly from any direct impact and prevents it from chipping or scratches.



Moreover, you can also opt for a halo setting for your marquise cut diamond ring. This setting contains a halo of small diamonds that encircle the marquise diamond. It provides more visibility to the stone and augmenting its appeal while also offering protection.

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