Best Ring Cleaner for Diamonds

Being said that, one of the most popular and easiest ways to clean a diamond ring at home is a solution made of warm water and mild liquid soap.

Apart from this, ammonia solution is also the best ring cleaner for diamonds. However, make sure that you ring features only platinum or 22k gold metal setting and diamonds; ammonia solution may damage or discolor other metals like silver, low-quality gold, and also the gemstones like a pearl, ruby, etc.

Diamond ring cleaning machines available in the market such as ultrasonic cleaner, steam cleaner, etc., are also a great option. Here, the steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning almost all type of diamond rings as it employs only water. If required, you can also add some liquid detergent along with water. In case of an ultrasonic cleaner, sound waves are used to clean the sparklers. However, special care must be taken while cleaning rings with delicate settings like a prong or pave in this case.

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