Best Gemstones for Engagement Ring under $1000

Best Gemstones for Engagement Ring under $1000

Plenty of captivating natural gems are available in the market for reasonable prices, and that would be a good option in case you want to select a colorful engagement ring. If you want faux diamond rings under 1000 dollars, then diamond simulants with the same look as the real thing are worth checking out too.



This is one of the best diamond stimulants out there. Rings featuring it are often priced more than $1000, but it is still possible to find some of them in your budget, particularly when coupled with palladium, sterling silver, or 14 karats rose gold or yellow gold.

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia is considered the least pricey of all the diamond stimulants, and it has an extremely low durability rating. So with an engagement ring budget of below $1000, there are plenty more viable gemstone options that look much better and last longer.



One of the best natural gemstone options you have is the white sapphire, which looks every bit like a diamond. It is only second to a diamond on hardness as per Mohs’ scale and relatively better at being scratch-resistant too.

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