Best Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings

Best Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings

Below are some important points that you may consider if you get confused with the same.





4 Prong Setting

One of the main reasons that people prefer a 4-prong diamond ring setting is that it entails a lesser number of prongs. As a result, the gemstone in their ring will stand out. This type of prong settings can pull off both traditional and modern appeal effortlessly as well. Another advantage is that the amount of light entering a gemstone will be more in this case. As a result, a diamond set using four prongs will sparkle more.

6 Prong Setting

The main advantage of the 6-prong diamond solitaire engagement ring settings is the security it offers; the chances of losing a diamond that is secured using a 6-prong setting are almost zero. Even if one of the prongs in your diamond ring setting gets damaged, the rest of the prongs will secure your gemstone well in place. Additionally, a 6-prong setting is more likely to offer a sophisticated appeal to your sparkler.

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