Benefits of Choosing a 4 Prong Diamond Ring

Benefits of Choosing a 4 Prong Diamond Ring

Ring settings play a pivotal role in boosting the appeal of a diamond ring. They ensure that the central diamond and its surrounding stones remain well secured onto the ring band. The setting also influences the overall style and is one key aspect that many look out for when purchasing a diamond ring.e80146-cushion-white_1_-revised_1
The 4 prone ring setting has been one of the most stable and popular type of setting. Usually, a 4 prong diamond ring consists of four claws that secure the diamond in its place by latching onto its four sides.

Minimal Setting – 4 prong setting is the simplest and minimal among various diamond ring settings. The four prongs can securely hold the diamond in the ring ensuring a minimalistic appeal that augments the size and sparkle of the diamond. It complements the diamond shape well and allows more light to enter into the diamond due to its simple setting.

Symmetrical – A 4 prong diamond ring gives an accurate symmetrical appeal due to the even spacing of the claws that latch onto the sides of the diamond. It does not interfere with the natural beauty of the diamond and makes the stone more visible than other ring settings.

Adaptable – A 4 prong ring would go well with many different types of cut such as princess cut, cushion, and round diamonds. The simple setting of the claws also makes it much easier to clean the ring without causing any difficulties.

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