Behind the Veils of the Diamond Industry

Behind the Veils of the Diamond Industry

There is a lot of glitz and glamour involved in the diamond industry, and it has always been one of the wealthiest sectors. However, the truth is that thousands of lives of those in the lowest levels of the industry are in shambles. A 2-carat diamond ring price may be determined by how attractive it looks, but the cost that thousands pay for it with their lives is irreplaceable. These problems can be seen only if one bothers to look a little deeper than normal. Below are a few issues that commonly plague those linked to the diamond industry.


Several of the world’s richest diamond mines exploit the lives of its workers, children, and the entire community. Besides, more than a million diamond miners in Africa earn less than a dollar a day. Considering the conditions of the artisanal miners, it can easily be referred to as hazardous. The safety precautions, training, and proper tools are all absent in many locations.


Many of the civil wars in the world have come to a stop. However, conflict still persists in areas surrounding diamond mines. Communities linked to diamond mining are subjected to basic human rights deprivation. There are numerous killings, torture, beatings, and forced labor in mining camps. Many of these issues are concealed from the outer world as well, removing all chances of a reconstruction.

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