A Guide to Choosing Baguette Diamond for your Ring

 It is advised to opt for baguette diamonds that are shallower as they tend to appear larger and can save on the costs. You should leave out most characteristics with a baguette cut diamond such as its depth since it lacks the brilliance found in other cuts.

A baguette cut diamonds ring usually contains them as accent stones. In such cases, it is important that the color of the baguette diamond match with the color of the center diamond. Due to this, you should settle for a baguette cut diamond that has a higher color quality to perfectly contrast and stand out as an accent stone or as a center diamond in a ring.

Another important thing to look for is the clarity grade of the stone. It is better to choose a baguette diamond with the highest clarity just to make sure that any of the inclusions or flows inside is not visible. You can also opt for a clarity grade that hides any small inclusions and makes the stone appear clear when viewed normally.

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