Aquamarines: Color, Clarity, and Cleaning

You probably know a lot about diamonds and how to care for them, but aquamarine is not even close to similar to nature’s hardest substance, so below is a quick brush-up on them.


The color of aquamarine can fall anywhere between pale and strong sea blue. The deeper the color, the costlier the stone will be. Deeply saturated blue aquamarine finds many cravers, with the intensity being the most important aspect. Some buyers may want a light shimmer somewhere in the stone, but this is rare.


Aquamarine, being a Type1 gemstone, is typically “eye clean”, which means you will not see any inclusions in it at first glance. “Clean” aquamarines are of the best quality, and contain no inclusions whatsoever. All aquamarines are transparent, which contributes to their remarkable shine.


When cleaning aquamarines, use soap and water. If you choose a steam or ultrasonic cleaner, first ensure the stone does not contain fractures or liquid inclusions. Heat is another thing these stones need to be kept away from, so pay attention to the temperature of the water.

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