An Ultimate Guide to Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The Rose Cut Diamond got its name because of the distinct shapes of facets that resemble the petal of a rose flower. After a certain period, a new version of rose cut diamond rings was unleashed that featured more intricate details and enhanced sparkle, making it one of the best options for diamond engagement rings.


What Exactly is a Rose Cut Diamond Ring

The blooming rose cut diamond engagement rings comprises a minimum number of facets and are ideally flat at the bottom. The cuts of this diamond are not that detailed either, and hence, exhibit lesser brilliance and fire rather than the striking sparkle that you can see in round cut brilliant diamonds. However, rose cut diamond engagement rings are best suited for vintage designs.

Rose cut diamond rings are available in many fancy colors as well. The diamonds with yellow hues resemble a yellow flower bouquet, whereas the one with white color will give an icy effect. However, if you are in awe of vintage designs, lower color tones will be desirable.

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