Amazing Designs for Diamond Art Deco Engagement Rings

When it comes to vintage diamond rings, diamonds from the Art Deco period happen to be the most popular. Usually, feminine and romantic features are showcased in Art deco vintage diamond rings. Some rings feature bold designs and geometric patterns as well. Hence, diamond Art Deco engagement rings are a good option for almost any couple.

One of the popular Art Deco diamond rings features a huge round brilliant cut diamond at the center, which is beautified by the cutwork pattern around it. Additionally, it is surrounded by a halo of melee diamonds, which are secured using a bezel setting. Here, the diamond ring band is also paved with diamonds accents, in order to boost up the overall appeal, as well as the radiance quotient of the ring.

Another simple and outstanding design for diamond Art Deco engagement rings features a huge baguette diamond secured at the center of a platinum band by means of prong settings. Additionally, it is flanked by elongated baguette accents on either side using a bezel setting. Here, the diamond ring band is kept simple and thin, in order to highlight the gemstones well.

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