Alluring Designs for White Gold Diamond Fashion Rings

Some of the beautiful designs that you may consider for your white gold diamond ring are given below.

Flower Diamond Ring

White gold is more malleable when compared to the platinum metal. Hence, you can make more intricate designs using this metal. Note that a white gold flower diamond ring will be one of the best choices in this case. In such designs, the metal setting that replicates the bushy petals of a flower is displayed at the center of a ring. In order to add to the beauty, a medium-sized diamond is given at the focal point of the flower.

Heart Diamond Ring

What will be a better choice than heart diamond rings to express your true love? In this design, a white gold ring boasts two pear-shaped diamonds at its center. Here, the gemstones are arranged in such a way that it resembles a brilliant heart. You can elevate the design by encircling the heart structure using melee diamonds.

Infinity Diamond Ring

Another popular option when it comes to white gold diamond fashion rings is an infinity diamond ring. Here, an infinity structure is displayed at the center of a white gold diamond ring. In order to lift up the overall grade quotient of the ring, the infinity design is embellished using accent stones.

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