All you Need to Know about the Luster of a Gemstone

Every species of gemstone has an inherent luster, which gives the gemstones its shiny appearance. In fact, we cherish diamond rings and other jewelry pieces mainly because of this property that gives them a glowing appearance and brilliance.


The inherent luster associated with every gemstone is also known as potential luster. This is a permanent value. However, the actual luster or the shining appearance that we get to experience is a result of many factors. This includes chemical or physical changes, as well as the presence of inclusions, abrasion, or oxidation. These factors affect the surface and the resultant value of luster gives the actual luster.

Besides, certain types of luster are associated with the appearance of certain stones and are named after the gemstone to represent the kind of luster that it demonstrates. For instance, there are categories of luster like pearly luster and adamantine luster, which denote the luster of a pearl and adamantine respectively. Furthermore, once you go through other resources, you will find that a majority of stones have a vitreous luster, which is commonly known as glass-like luster. These stones have surfaces that resemble the glass surface.

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