All you Need to Know about Art Deco Diamond Rings

All you Need to Know about Art Deco Diamond Rings

This type of vintage diamond ring comes under the Art Deco period. Until then, Art Nouveau style was ruling the gems and jewelry field.




The main highlights of Art Deco diamond rings are their streamlined designs, geometric patterns, and highly stylish and graphical designing. In fact, many of the modern diamond ring jewelry styles are inspired by Art Deco diamond ring designs.

Another attraction of Art Deco rings is the display of striking colors. Needless to say, this type of colorful vintage diamond ring that displays an amazing color combination will surely be a visual treat for your eyes. One of the best examples of such colorful diamond rings is Art Deco diamond and sapphire ring. In most of such diamond ring designs, a colorless diamond will be encircled or flanked by sapphire accents, or vice versa.

Unlike other diamond ring cuts, the stones in Art Deco diamond engagement rings were cut in unique and odd designs. Some of the common diamond shapes that you can see in Art Deco diamonds include triangle, rectangles, diamonds, square, etc. This shape calibration process was really a painstaking one at that time. Hence, the number of Art Deco rings produced was limited. Currently, with the evolution of modern technologies and equipment, craftsmen can easily make hundreds of Art Deco designs.

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