All About Shoulder Set Diamond Engagement Rings

Shoulders are the point or area between the band and the mountings that hold a diamond in a ring. Just like the other parts of a diamond ring, its shoulders can also be designed in a number of styles. In fact, there are different styles of shoulder set diamond rings available now, and some of them are given below.

Parallel Shoulders

Usually, the width of diamond ring bands will be given in such a way that it thickens or narrows as it reaches the center. In this type of diamond shoulder rings, the bandwidth from its underside to its mountings will be constant. Thereby, it offers an amazing uniformity to the rings.

Tapering Shoulders

In this type of shoulder set diamond engagement rings, the diamond ring bands designed in such a way that its shoulders narrows or tapers towards the center. This will enhance the overall size as well as the appeal of your gemstone.

Twisted Shoulder

As the name indicates, the diamond ring shoulders are styled in a twisted pattern using a tension or claw setting. Twisted shoulder set diamond engagement rings are sure to offer a versatile and stylish appeal to your diamond rings. Additionally, a gemstone set with twisted shoulders will sparkle to the fullest since its maximum surface area is exposed.

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