All About Grey Diamond Engagement Rings

All About Grey Diamond Engagement Rings

Needless to say, there are diamonds available in all the rainbow colors and the most popular options include pink, red, and blue.



One of the lesser-known colored diamonds that started booming in the industry from recent years is grey diamonds. In fact, there are many couples these days, who opt to flaunt grey diamond engagement rings because of their uniqueness and unmatched appeal.

There are actually two types of grey diamonds: fancy grey diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds or included diamonds. When it comes to fancy grey diamonds,  they are extremely rare and are counted amongst one of the flawless options since the number of inclusions in these diamonds is really low or microscopic. Furthermore, the color intensity level of fancy grey diamonds varies from Faint Grey to Fancy Dark Grey.

In the case of salt and pepper or included grey diamonds, they are characterized by the presence of white and black imperfections or flaws in the stone. These inclusions will give these types of grey diamonds a unique and interesting appeal. Note that no two diamonds will have the same type of inclusions; hence, these flaws are used as the unique identification code for grey diamond rings too.

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