All about Color Descriptions in Gemstones

All about Color Descriptions in Gemstones

There are three determinants that can give very specific descriptions of color that have very little differences. In fact, these are the properties using which gemologists communicate and convey the colors of a gemstone. Obviously, these factors also determine the diamond rings sales, as they are important for the attractiveness of the sparkler.


The hue of a gemstone is its place on the spectrum. This could be orange, yellow, violet, blue, or green. It also includes intermediate colors like moderately bluish-green or slightly yellowish-orange.


The tone is the factor that determines how light or dark the color of the gemstone is. This is independent of the hue of the stone. The tone may range from light to colorless and dark to black.


The saturation is not very commonly determined in the case of diamonds because it is the measure of the purity of a color. Generally, gemstone saturation is based on the presence of brown hues or modifying grey. As long as the hue and tone are at a moderate level, the degree of saturation determines the final value of the gemstone.

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