All About Brilliant Round Diamond Engagement Rings

This particular diamond never faced any sign of reduction ever since this cut was introduced; that is around the 17th Century.


The main factor that contributes to this immense popularity is the brilliance, fire, symmetrical shape, and the versatility of this cut. Having said that, no other gemstones can beat the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond.

The traditional cuts like round and cushion cut diamonds have a lesser amount of facets in comparison to brilliant round diamonds that results in the maximum surface area that gives a better exposure of flaws within the gemstone, especially when viewed under the light.

On the other hand, round brilliant diamonds comprises a huge number of facets; that is 58. This will minimize the surface area of the gemstone and hide the flaws even under the light. You can also add the number of facets according to the number of inclusions in the diamond.

Since flawless natural diamonds are extremely rare, round brilliant diamonds make the ideal alternative for it. Another advantage of choosing brilliant round diamond engagement rings is the durability they offer. These gemstones are safer options when compared to other straight cuts, which are prone to dents and other damages.

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