Advantages of Choosing Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Advantages of Choosing Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Furthermore, it is crucial to securing the gemstone firmly on the ring.

The halo diamond ring setting is the most popular choice, having ruled the sphere of diamond engagement rings for many years. In fact, halo diamond engagement rings are commonly used in vintage rings and royal diamond rings.

In a halo diamond ring setting, a center diamond of decent size is usually secured by means of a prong setting. Additionally, a halo of accent stones is given around the main gemstone in order to bring up the overall sparkle. In most cases, a mini-prong setting is used to secure the accent stones. You can also use a bezel setting in order to offer a vintage or sophisticated appeal to your ring.

The main advantage of halo diamond engagement rings is that it offers maximum sparkle for the buck. Here, the overall setting will create the illusion of a huge solitaire diamond at the center. In case you prefer to highlight the center diamond, placed pave accents around it or vice versa.

Another advantage is that a halo of diamonds provides extra protection to the main gemstone.

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