About the La Peregrina Pearl

About the La Peregrina Pearl

It is not just the diamond industry, which talks about it but the entire press takes up the news. Sometimes, there are several things one can learn from a 2 CTW diamond engagement ring auction regarding the industry trends. Not just diamonds, there are gemstones too that make the news for their whopping price.

The La Peregrina Pearl

This is one of the most famous pearls in the world. It was found approximately 500 years ago by an African slave on the coast of Santa Margarita. The pearl was included in the collection of the Spanish Crown Jewels during the rule of King Ferdinand V, and it stayed there under the reign of his successor, King Charles V. In fact, it passed through the hands of eight Spanish kings during the period 1582 to 1808.

This is a pear-shaped, symmetrical saltwater pearl. It weighed about 55 carats originally and its value was complemented by the bright white appearance of the gemstone. It was first purchased by Richard Burton for $37,000 at a Sotheby’s auction for his wife, Elizabeth Taylor. Later, it was auctioned at the Christie’s auction in New York in 2011, where it fetched $11.8 million.

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