About the History of Diamond Brilliance

This is caused by a property called brilliance, which is nothing but the diamond that we all see. In fact, the 1-carat diamond ring price you see in a jewelry store depends on its brilliance and the ability to impress people with a single look.


History of Brilliance

Humans have known about this property for many years. Although diamonds have been in use for several millennia, the history of brilliance is not that old. In the 13th Century in Europe, diamonds came to the fore when they were used by the bureaucrats and the princely folks.

As the years passed by, diamonds became the symbol of wealth and class among the richest of the society. This rise in popularity was also due to a deeper understanding of the faceting of diamonds. When the jewelers developed faceting, they also noticed how it drastically changed the fire and brilliance of diamonds.

By the 17th and 18th Centuries, diamonds had become some of the most sought-after gemstones. This immense rise in demand for diamonds was because of their brilliance and its subsequent acceptance by people all over the globe.

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