About the Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the most popular styles of a ring that would come to your mind when you think about engagement rings would be the double halo diamond engagement ring. Halo engagement rings are widely popular in the jewelry segment and double halos give more bold and dazzling look to the style.

Double halo diamond engagement ring consists of diamond or a colored gemstone as the centerpiece surrounded by two halos. This style is an ideal choice for women who prefer a touch of extra sparkle in the ring.

Even though many variations of center diamond shapes are there, cushion cut and oval cut are the most admired choices. For halos, you can choose either round brilliant diamonds or go for colored gemstones to get a more colorful look.


If you need a unique look, you can opt for one halo with colorless diamond and the other with a colored gemstone.

Famous celebrities like Natalie Portman, Jennifer Hudson, and Ashley Tisdale have been spotted wearing double halo diamond engagement ring; no wonder, its popularity has increased more recently. However, the rise in demand and popularity also makes double halo rings a bit expensive.

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