A Unique Guide to Floating Diamond Ring Settings

In floating diamond ring settings, the gemstones are literally suspended in the air by means of prongs, channels, and tensile force. Unlike traditional diamond ring setting, a gemstone is completely exposed in a floating diamond engagement ring. Thus, the elegance, as well as the qualities of a diamond, is accentuated to the fullest in this case.

In most cases, brides prefer an engagement ring that offers classic elegance without slipping back to antique or vintage styles. Floating diamond engagement is one of the best bet to achieve this. Note that tension mount rings are one of the most popular styles in floating diamond ring settings.

In tension diamond ring setting, a gemstone is held at the center of a ring mainly by means of the tensile force excreted by diamond ring band from either side. Additionally, craftsmen also drill small grooves on the edge of diamond engagement ring bands in order to hold the diamond, but it will not be visible to spectators. Hence, it looks like a diamond is floating in the air.

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