A Short Note on GIA

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you are getting good diamonds is to check if they are certified. The certification can be of many types, and of many levels of quality. There are a number of reputable certification labs around, although none set their standards as high as GIA when you are getting a 1 5 carat diamond ring.

The GIA – What is it?

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America, which was established in 1931. The organization was founded to ensure the use of the highest quality standards when appraising diamonds and other gemstones. In this way, both the seller and the buyer stay protected.

Other than setting grading standards, the organization also conducts research on the techniques used in diamond making, as well as educates future gemologists. These gemologists do their work independently of retail jewelers and assess the value of diamonds certified by GIA. The International Diamond Grading System developed by the GIA in 1953 is the basis for almost all diamond evaluations done around the world.

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