A Reliable Guide to Crushed Diamond Ring

Hence, when you hit the light on this type of crushed diamond ring, you can hardly see four or five broad and subtle sparklers in it.



In case of a cushion brilliant cut diamond ring, the facets in the pavilion will not extend to the edges, and hence, it offers a more glitter in contrast to a round brilliant cut stone with crushed ice effect. Some people now prefer a crushed diamond ring to offer a subtle bling and an edgy twist to their sparklers.

Most people have a misconception that crushed diamond is something that is made by using tiny diamond fragments. Sadly, you cannot combine tiny diamonds and form a single one. In fact, you cannot glue, melt, or compress diamonds. However, you can crush a diamond into tiny bits using an appropriate instrument, but it cannot be used in your jewelry anymore. Instead, it can be employed in tools such as bits, saw blades, dentist drills, etc.

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